How to configure DHCP3 server ubuntu 10.04 NO GUI | Setup DHCP3

OS : Ubuntu server

Difficulty : novice and know how to use nano in the terminal.

Features of my installation : OS updated to date 5/3/2011.

1. At the terminal, type the following command.

# Sudo apt-get install dhcp3-server

2. Edit the following file:

#sudo nano /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf

3. Write the following at the end of the file.

Subnet netmask {


Option domain-name-servers;

Option domain-name “WORKGROUP”;

Option routers;

Option broadcast-address;

Default-lease-time 600;

Max-lease-time 7200;

Interfaces = eth0;


4. Save the file /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf

5. Restart the service and check that everything is OK.

Sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart

6. If we do not get any errors everything is perfectly correct OK, we go to step 9.

7. If you get the following message

* Starting DHCP server dhcpd3

* Check syslog for diagnostics. [FAIL]

Something was not well configured,

8. Check that these lines at the beginning of the /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf file are commented out

Line 17 # option Domain-name “”;

Line 18 # option domain-name-servers;

Line 20 # default-lease-time 600;

Line 21 # max-lease-time 7200;


#Dhclient dhclient summary dhcpserver summary

My settings


#Sudo route –n



#Ifconfig –a

ifconfig -a