Optimize you web for a better SEO, speed and standard

This weekend was recharged optimization, here are several webs and tips to help you optimize and rank your website in search engines.

1. Clearwebstats.com


2. go2jump.com


3. chkme.com


After reviewing these sites you must take into account the suggestions and flaws that you have, you must have a good time since it is enough work if you have many errors in your website.
Here are some examples of the details to repair:

  1. Website Title
  2. Website description
  3. Website Keywords
  4. Headers / Headers
  5. Website redirects
  6. Attributes ALT or TITLE of the images
  7. Number of internal and outgoing links
  8. The length of the title tag is 0 characters. Label is too short
  9. The length of the ‘description’ tag is 192 characters. It has an adequate size
  10. The keyword tag contains 30 keywords. The tag has too many keywords
  11. There are 2 images, all with ALT or TITLE attribute
  12. Existence robots.txt file
  13. Sitemap (sitemap.xml)
  14. Indexability
  15. Geolocation
  16. 4 external links found on the main page. An adequate amount.
  17. We found 23 internal links on the main page.
  18. The robots.txt file exists
  19. The site has been detected to contain no frames
  20. It was detected that the site does not contain flash
  21. The source code of the site home page is 21.58 KB
  22. The first level name of your domain is “.COM”
  23. Your web site hosting is located in Scottsdale, United States
  24. We could not find any language statement for your website. It is recommended that the vintage
  25. Google Analytics detected on website
  26. The site has 11.300 Indexed images in Google Images
  27. The site is not included in Google Maps. We recommend you include it
  28. No use of Google Adsense detected on website

If you have other suggestions to add please put them in the comment thanks !.