Virtual box how? | How to | Cloning Copy | Clone Copy | Virtualmachine disk

OS : Windows (7, Vista, XP)

This process looks more complicated than it seems, but thanks to the fact that I found a post loaded on , I quickly made the copy of my virtual machine and did not have to wait to install everything again

In order to be able to clone our virtual disk we have to …

  1. Is this virtualbox running? If the answer is NO , open it-execute it , then release the virtual disk that we want to clone / copy.
  2. Let’s go to the File menu or Ctrl + D
  3. Click Virtual media manager

virtualbox menu

  1. Then select the disk to copy and click on Release.

Vritualbox media manager

  1. Now let’s go to our Windows command console
  2. We can run it in the Windows RUN with the command CMD or in the menu → home → all the programs → accessories → Command Prompt .
  3. Then we go to the path of the folder of Vitualbox writing in the console the following command.
  4. Cd c:\program files\oracle\virtualbox

command prompt window

  1. Since we are inside ~ Virtualbox we can execute the command (vboxmanage clonevdi) that would allow us to copy, clone our virtualdisk.
  2. We write the command as follows:
  3. Vboxmanage clonevdi “d:\virtualw2k3s1.vdi” “d:\virtualw2k3s1.vdi”

command prompt window

  1. When it is finished it will tell us that it creates a ‘VID’ ‘UUID’ formatted disk of the cloned disk, which will be different from the original disk.
  2. Then we create a new virtual machine, and in view of choosing: create new disk, choose an existing one, and look for our previously cloned disk.


In the Vboxmanage clonevid command (” original virtualdisk path and its name with the VDI extension in quotation marks”) (” cloned virtualdisk path and its name with the VDI extension in quotation marks”)